Farragut High School

Farragut High School, located at 11237 Kingston Pike, serves as a high school in Farragut, a suburb of Knoxville, Tennessee. Knox County Schools, the unified Knox County, Tennessee school district, operates the school.

The original Farragut High School, built in 1904, occupied a strip of land adjacent to Kingston Pike, becoming the first consolidated high school in Knox County. In 1976, the school relocated to its current location on a hill overlooking Farragut on the opposite side of Kingston Pike. A supermarket and strip mall dominate the original site, razed after the construction of the new buildings.

The school bears the name of Civil War hero David Glasgow Farragut, the Union admiral born in the local area, best known for his declaration “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” The school prides itself on quality education, offering more advanced placement classes than any other public school in the Knox County School System.

Executive Principal:      Dr. John Barlett
Assistant Principals:     Charlene Lewis, Cara Vaughn, Steve Killian, Brad Smith

Athletic Director:                          Donald Dodgen
Sports Information Director:  Jack Tate
Book:                                                   Ben Collins
Trainer:                                              Jesica Frazier
PA:                                                        Josh Nelson

Mascot:                         Admirals
School Colors:            Navy/Silver

Site:                                 https://www.knoxschools.org/farraguths

Farragut 6th Player Club

The Farragut 6th Player Club is a basketball booster organization focused on promoting the Farragut High School Basketball program.


Farragut High School Basketball Records

List of school records coming soon